Flying with Younger Kids is a Breeze with These Carry On Items

Apr 13, 2023

Traveling with a young child can sometimes feel scary. What if they cry? Are they going to sleep? How will I keep them seated? Take a deep breath … it will be okay! The best way to combat that scary feeling is to be prepared! Pack your child’s carry-on with the essentials below for a fuss-free flight!

Flying with kids

Crayons and a Notebook and/or Coloring Book

What child doesn’t love to scribble and draw? Bonus if you purchase the triangle-shaped crayons that won’t roll off the tray table!

Wet Wipes

Planes are full of germs. Let your child take part in wiping down the tray table, seat, armrests, and buckle. It’s a great thing to have them do during the boarding process when you are waiting to pull away from the gate.

Tablet and/or Smartphone

Be sure you download a few of their favorite shows, movies, or games, and be sure they work when not connected to Wi-Fi. Test this before you leave your house by putting the device in airplane mode and ensuring the movie, show, or game works. Some planes have Wi-Fi, but it doesn’t always work well, so it’s better to be prepared.

Comfy Headphones

Headphones are a must but be sure they fit your child’s head. If not, they can become more of an inconvenience if they keep falling off or your child can’t hear well.


We can’t stress this enough, you don’t want hangry kids! Be sure to bring all their favorite snack to appease them.


Most children have a lovey or a favorite toy that they bring with them everywhere. Don’t make the mistake of leaving this item at home. Flying can be scary for children so this can bring them a lot of comfort, making the flight go a lot smoother.

NEW Small Toys

Head to the dollar store and pick up some new toys. Fidgets, travel games, action figures, etc. Having something new to play with will be exciting and keep them entertained longer.

Travel Pillow and Small Blanket

If you are flying early, late, or during nap time, then this is a must. Let your child get comfortable and maybe you will luck out with a sleeping child the entire flight!


We hope this list brings peace to your next flight with your little one. Of course, we’re always here to help with more travel tips and advice. Contact us today to start planning your next family adventure!


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