Packing Your Park Bag? Our Absolute Must Have Items Revealed!

Jun 28, 2022

When planning a vacation to your favorite theme park it’s important to bring a park bag! Be it Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, or somewhere else, what you carry into the park with you is essential. Packing your main bags covers the basics like clothes, shoes, hats, and swimsuits. But what is actually going to make into your park bag? You know the bag that ends up going into the parks with you to hold those must have items!

Don’t leave this as an after thought. What you put in your park bag can make all the difference. Forgetting necessary items can lead to kid meltdowns and overpriced last minute purchases. Luckily Casi and I have a few ideas of what to put in your bag based on our must have items!


What Is In Our Park Bag

Adults Only / Solo Packing

Being a FL local with adult children, I have the luxury of packing for only me when I travel to the parks. If the kids come I make them carry their own supplies. (ha!) Which is honestly something you can start at a younger age with lighter bags. I see so many kids nowadays with the cutest little park bags.

Here are my must have items that I pack. And yes all of this fits in my Loungefly with room to spare honestly!

  • Medicine: Cough Drops, Eye Drops, Headache Medicine, and Benadryl
  • Band-Aids, Tissues, and ChapStick
  • Sun Block: Usually a lotion and a spray
  • Refillable bottle of water
  • MagicBands if we’re at Disney World of course
  • A mask and hand sanitizer
  • My slim wallet for credit cards, IDs, and medical cards

One thing I often forget but would easily fit into my bag is a hat. In the Florida sun you never know when you’ll need it. I also wear sunglasses, but those are usually on my face. By having these items above in my park bag I never have to stop and buy overpriced items when in the parks.


Packing Your Family Park Bag

When Casi travels with her husband and four kids there sure is a lot more to pack in the park bag. Luckily they have a stroller which can store a good amount of items. Here are her essentials that she suggests you pack for your littles.

  • Diapers
  • Wet wipes for diaper changing.
    • Bigger kids can use them to wipe their hands and faces after eating.
  • Changing pad to change the babies on.
  • Bottled Water to save money.
  • Raincoats / ponchos for surprise Florida showers. Also great to wear on water rides!
  • Sunscreen.
  • Hand sanitizing spray, because ya know, germs.
  • Swimsuits for the kids if we are going to a park that has a splash pad.
  • Sunglasses.
  • A decent camera. Most phones are good enough but you may want some better family shots.

Need Something? Check The First Aid Stations.

It is important to note that certain medicines can be picked up at the park’s First Aid stations. They have band-aids and certain medicines for stomach, allergy, or headache issues. TIP: Parents with younger kids can get diapers and wipes at First Aid free of charge in Disney! My only issue is I find that it’s not always convenient to go to the First Aid location in each park. Having my essential park bag items physically on me saves a far walk.

What essential items do you have in your park bag?


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  1. Great planning ideas! I have needed bandaids and stomach medicine on my recent trips to the parks.

    • I’m glad you got what you needed! It always stinks to be sick in the park so if a small bit of medicine can help you feel better that’s great. That way you’re right back to having fun!

  2. Having the right must-haves in your park bag is so important. I had no idea you could get diapers and wipes at the First Aid stations. That’s a great tip!

    • Yes! The diaper and wipes thing is amazing. It’s such a panic in that situation if you run out.

  3. Great recommendations…I am on site now and have used a lot of bandaids and hand sanitizer!!

  4. These are some great planning tips! Having band-aids is a must for me everywhere I go! I don’t have kids, but I always take my refillable bottle for water πŸ™‚

    • It adds up so quickly buying bottled water!

  5. Good tips. I also like to pack some wipes to wipe off the suncream (or sweat!) at the end of a hot day.

    • Very good point. Wet wipes are so versatile.

  6. This is a great list! I pack wipes in my bag even if we’re going without kids, because you never know if you need to wipe down a table or bench or something and wipes always come in so handy! πŸ™‚

    • Yes! So many times I see melted ice cream on benches or tables. It’s nice to wipe down so on a crowded day when tables are few and far between.

  7. Great list. I never would have thought to bring rain coats. I also completely agree that it would be a “pain” having to search the park looking for a first aid station to get supplies.

    • I sometimes wear my rain poncho on Splash Mountain. LOL!

  8. I’m planning a trip to Disney and these are all really good ideas to have!

    • That’s so exciting! Glad we could help. Let us know if you need anything else πŸ™‚

  9. Packing is one of my BIGGEST weaknesses, so this is like, my lifeline at this point. Thank you for these awesome tips! I always forget a raincoat…

    • I tend to overpack if I’m going overnight so I understand! Glad you found it helpful.

  10. YESSS!! I always forget the chapstick and REGRET IT!! I didn’t even know there were first aid stations around the parks!

    • Ha! I used to do that too with chapstick. Now I leave one in all of my bags.

  11. Great post! I have a slim wallet but I stuffed it with so much cash and cards, LOL!

    • I actually do have that little wallet just for traveling. I don’t like to carry around all my extra membership cards when traveling.


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