Top Tips for Surviving Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights

Sep 26, 2022

My love of Universal Parks began with a single night anniversary celebration with my husband at Halloween Horror Nights 22 in 2012. We were hooked even though we did not get to see all seven houses that year. BOO (in a sad way not scary) We learned and adapted, and now I am bringing you my personal tips for getting to see everything you want at HHN.

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Frequent Fear

This time of year, after a day at the parks with thrills and laughter comes a night of excitement and scares, but the first thing you need is a ticket. Frequent Fear tickets give you multi-night options so you have time to experience all there is to see. This gives you the freedom to choose a few key things to do at each visit.

Single Night Out

If you only have one night, my best tip is to pick a weeknight visit. Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights typically have smaller crowds. For a VIP experience try The R.I.P. tour for an itinerary that gets you to every house and front of the line access! You’ll be happy you did as there are 10 houses now. This will leave plenty of time for shows, rides, and snacks.

If you’re not into a guided tour, Halloween Horror Nights Express Pass and a Scream Early ticket are the way to go. With Scream Early you can enter the park between 3-5 pm. There are a few different Stay and Scream locations. Be sure to find the one closest to the houses you want to experience first. Combining Scream Early with your Express Pass will get you through houses early on with no trouble giving you more time later to explore.

Make a Plan

Now here is where it gets fun! 

I always like to make a plan. You will do a lot of walking, so eat a solid meal before entering the Stay and Scream area. Hit as many houses as you can before the gates open to the rest of the crowd. Use the Universal app to see house wait times and use that Express Pass to get through the lines quicker. 

Don’t forget there are two amazing shows to watch, “Halloween Nightmare Fuel Wildfire” and “Ghoulish! A Halloween Tale.” Showtimes are posted in the app and around the park. Pick a time that works for you and be sure to grab some snacks before sitting down to enjoy the spooktacular.

Never Go Alone

There is so much more to Halloween Horror Nights and not enough time to share it all. You gotta check out the event for yourself! Just remember, never go alone!

See you in the fog.


Author Note: Holly is our Universal Orlando Specialist. If you’re ready to experience the thrills (and chills!) of a Universal Orlando vacation, fill out our intake form for a consultation and ask for Holly!


  1. This sounds interesting. It’s great that you can get multi day tickets to see everything. Why not go alone?

    • Their slogan is never go alone. Ha. I guess so you’re not afraid!

  2. I had no idea that there was that much going on for Halloween. I love Universal and feel like this would be such a fun holiday to visit for.

    • It’s a great time of year to visit!

  3. This would be such a fun experience, these photos are hilarious

    • Good old fashioned scary fun for sure!

  4. Goodness this looks properly scary but fun!

    • Now Holly has done this many years in a row. My first time will be Saturday and I hope I can keep it together. LOL!

  5. I don’t think I can do haunted houses any more…hahaha. The shows sound interesting though!

    • I thought the same thing! First two houses I was behind Jamie. By the third house I was out in front! We did all 10 last night and it was amazing.

  6. It sounds like some spooky fun! I’ve never done anything for Halloween, this would throw me in the deep end 😀

    • I honestly hadn’t done a Haunted House in the past 8 years. This was fun! I’m kind of addicted now.


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