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Mar 16, 2022

Inspire More Travel is expanding our team and we couldn’t be more excited! Our first new Travel Advisor is Casi (said KC) Petrie from Colorado. Fun fact: Casi and Theresa worked together on the Disney College Program working Fantasyland Attractions in Spring of 2003. Over 20 years later they are still passionate about sharing their love of Disney.

Keep reading below to learn more about Casi!


Welcome Casi Petrie to Inspire More Travel

When was your first trip to a Disney Theme Park?

When I was in 2nd grade we had our first family trip to Disneyland.

What do you remember most about it?

I remember thinking it was the best place ever. Something about it grabbed my heart and never let go. I wanted to go there for every family vacation after that!

When was your first visit to Walt Disney World?

When I was 18 and did the Disney College Program.

Tell us more about your College Program.

At first I was nervous to be there and had some initial home sickness, but once I made friends with other College Programmers and Cast Members I was in heaven. I never wanted to leave. I still have life long friends from that experience, including Theresa!

Besides Disney destinations, where are some of your favorite places to visit in the States?

I really love Montana, Wyoming, California and of course my beautiful home state- Colorado. I love places with beautiful natural views. I am a mountain girl at heart.

Where are your favorite places to go abroad?

Paris will always be my number one. I have been there 3 times and it never gets old to me. I also love Iceland and Australia. The people in those countries are very friendly, especially when traveling with small children.

Tell us more about your family. Where are their favorite travel destinations?

I have a wonderful husband who loves to travel and 4 small kids. We love to take them with us and show them the world. They are really up to go anywhere but their favorite travel destination is Aulani (Hawaii in general). They love to swim!

You have four kids under the age of 12. What are your best trips for traveling with kids?

Keep it simple. I tend to overpack because I love to dress them in cute outfits but honestly it’s not worth lugging so much around. The less you bring with you the easier your life will be. Also, don’t stress about forgetting to pack something. Most places will have somewhere for you to grab toiletries, or even clothes if you forget. Just try to relax and enjoy the experience!

What made you want to become a Travel Advisor?

I really love showing people how easy and fun it is to travel. You really grow so much as a person when you travel. You learn about the world and how your little bubble isn’t the only thing out there. I like sharing that joy with people by helping them plan. It really makes me feel like I am going on vacation with them and I love that feeling.

Stay in Touch with Casi

We are thrilled to have Casi on the Inspire More Travel team. Her passion for travel and love of Disney will surely make her an amazing planner. Be sure to follow along on her adventures at www.facebook.com/inspiremoretravelcasi and www.instagram.com/inspiretravelcasi


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